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In 2016, ten universities and colleges participated in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s industrial hemp pilot program and the 2014 Farm Bill’s Sec. 7606. The following are Kentucky’s participating universities and colleges and the work they are conducting.

  • University of Kentucky

    1. 2015 Research

    2. 2016 Research will include:

      1. Natural fiber trial with hemp and kenaf: comparing species and harvest methods for bast fiber yields.

      2. Nitrogen fertility trial  with a dual-purpose variety measuring effects on grain yield, fiber yield, and fiber quality.

      3. Diquat efficacy trial as a pre-harvest desiccant for certified seed production.

      4. Planting date trial (UK, Virginia Tech, and University of Tennessee) with pairs of varieties for grain-only, dual-purpose, and fiber only.  Planting commences 15 April and every 15 days to and including 1 July.

      5. Row spacing trial for fiber production.

      6. Herbicide tolerance trial with WKU.

      7. CBD trial comparing tobacco production model with grain production model along with nitrogen fertilization effects on yield of CBD.

      8. CBD trial quantifying the effects of pollination on CBD yields.

      9. Grain-only variety trial.

      10. Dual-purpose variety trial.

      11. Fiber-only variety trial.

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    4. News Releases

      1. UKAg Hemp Harvester Design Shows Promise- 2016

      2. UK Researchers Plant Hemp- 2014

  1. Herbicide tolerance trial with UK.

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Some of the work happening in KY

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